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What is DRIVE?

Watch the video below to hear from the creator of The DRIVE System to learn more!

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Experience deeper, more effective relationships in your personal, professional and social life today!

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Step 2: Get your Coaching

  • Weekly group coaching with Woody Woodward, the creator of D.R.I.V.E., in your personal, professional & social relationships
  • Coaching for you and your whole family! (This includes your spouse and any kids in your home under 18.)
  • A copy of Woody's best selling D.R.I.V.E. book
  • 24-7 access to the AI coach trained in the language of D.R.I.V.E. to help you navigate all of your relationships on the fly

What You'll Learn

Dive deeper into how to activate the DRIVE system in your personal, professional & social areas of life with additional trainings available beyond the weekly coaching sessions!

DRIVE Fundamentals

DRIVE Discovery
How to Transform Your State of Mind
DRIVE Dynamics
Ignite Your DRIVE
Mastering the Art of Influence
Triumph Over Tragedy
How to Discover Someone's DRIVE
AI Unleashed

Personal Development

Mindset Evolution
Confidence Unleashed
Beyond Fearless
Calm in the Chaos
Unlimited Power


DRIVE Connections
Collaboration Mastery
Network Mastery
Standards vs Expectations
Peaceful Outcomes
Empowering the Next Generation
Commanding Influence

Business, Career & Sales

The Art of Marketing
Ad Magnetism
Laws of Engagement
Show Me the Money
The 20/80 Rule
Closing with Confidence: Part 1
Closing with Confidence: Part 2
How to Save the Sale
Audience Building
How to Increase Your Sales by 400%

Mastermind Mondays - Weekly Coaching

Watch LIVE weekly coaching sessions with the founder of DRIVE! Or watch the posted recordings at your own convenience. Dive deeper into topics like Confidence, Mindset, Influence and more, all focused on how to benefit from the DRIVE system in your life. You and your family members can access these new Mastermind Monday coaching sessions each week.

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